Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hi all,
welcome to the final day of guest bloggers post,as i said yesterday you are going to meet two guest bloggers today because of blogger interruption.Sorry for the delay,again blogger went crazy and from morning i am not able to upload photos,after trying for hours,finally i made it up.
P.S:I really love introducing such talented bloggers here in my blog,do you think i should i should continue this at least monthly once?let me know.
Before that i have a question for you all,the "Coloring challenge" is getting over today,but i heard few says they love to participate,but they dint get time.Do you really like to partcipate and dint do that because of shortage of time??et me know in the comment section,if i get a handfull of response i will extended it for one more week.

So,the first guest for today is Karthika fro "How to be creative,if you are not blessed with one".I recently stumbled upon her blog,and what caught me immediately is her blog name,interesting huh??She is very good in quilling(i know there are loads of quilling fans here:)),and she has some interesting things in her blog,..over to karthika,..

About me:

My Name is Karthika Sen... and I love crafts of all kinds.. the end ;)

Interest about Crafts :

My Interests are Quilling, card making and Acrylic painting....This interest has flourished in the last 12 months after i left my job. And I'm having lot of fun.

Blogging Experience -

I have been blogging for almost an year. My experience is quite exciting and interesting. I have known quite a number of interesting people in the internet, and a few of them have followed my blog. I had visitors from different part of the world which is the most exciting part. I have learned so much from them too. In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about crafts: "it goes on."
Here is some of her beautiful quillings,..

The next guest blogger is Romina from"Romina's creative crafts".She is one of my good bloggy friend i like her way of making personalized gift with good gift wrapping.Over to romina,..

About me:
i'm romina.i'm a fashion designer by profession bt a crafter by passion

My blogging experience:
well i'm too new to it but its been good so far,its given me confidence & belief in my work.and it has given me good friends !!

My interests in crafting:
I guess it comes from within ...u cannot force HAS to come from within.....&after 9 yrs of being a homemaker after working as a fashion designer,its my biggest stress buster too...! it makes me feel COMPLETE. sheer bliss.

Here is some of her beautiful works,..

Thank you all for leaving such wonderful comments for all the lovely guest bloggers,i hope you all enjoyed the guest bloggers post and the anniversary celebrations too,..tomorrow i will back with some interesting thing for week 3,so stay tuned and i am sure you all going to love it.

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Crafterkhush said...

I love this concept.. Karthika is new to me and you bet the title of her blog is very catchy... Huge fan of romina di's work and have told her that so many times now..:-)

Hussena said...

these are two very talented bloggers kavitha, i have seen both their work and its beautiful.karthika sen is an extremely talented and gifted quiller her work is always very good and so is rominas punch work and stamping it was good to get to know a little bit about them.

Neha Jain said...

congrats romina and karthika...and thanks for let me know about one more indian blogger...loved their work :)

Neha Jain said...

yaa...if possible please extend the dates...i will try to participate in it... :)

chillin with Quillin said...

I think you should continue with the blogger gueat, I really enjoy checking out who's doing what in crafts, love the quilling, and am a follower of Karthika Sen's blog, she is very talented!
Thanks for sharing!!

Priyadarshini Deshpande said...

Thanks Kavi for introducing us to such talented bloggers. You should definitely continue this monthly. I am a fan of Karthika's quilling and enjoy reading hers posts which provide some interesting fact too! And Romina's work is gorgeous too..Loved the baby album!

anita said...

Thanks a lot for showing us such great work. Amazing quilling by Karthika! And I always find Romina's work very refreshing!

anita said...

Thanks a lot for showing us such great work. Amazing quilling by Karthika! And I always find Romina's work very refreshing!

EC said...

Loved the Umbrella and shirt cards...thanks for introducing such wonderful crafters throughout the week Kavi..

Ujjwal said...

Karthika is new to me but I am bowled over by her quilling skills. Beautiful work!
Romina is such a dear friend. I love her enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Kavi Its very nice of you to feature crafting bloggers on your blog as its very interesting to know more about our favorite crafters as well as meet new ones.
I am actually a follower of both Karthika and Romina and both are such creative ladies!
Cheers to you ladies!

Neelam said...

Wonderful creations by both of them..thanks a lot Kavitha...I think you should continue this concept of guest bloggers...its a great way for new blogger like me to be introduced to such talented people :)

Karuna said...

I have been following both for long and these ladies are very creative. I love Karthika's interesting way of blogging as she always adds an interesting bit bout her work and Romina make simple things into lovely creations!

Mallika said...

aha ! here comes my fav crafter ! Romina di ! her work is truely refreshing !
and yes amazing quilling my karthika !
i wonder forom where r u getiing such talent !

Mallika said...

aha ! here comes my fav crafter ! Romina di ! her work is truely refreshing !
and yes amazing quilling my karthika !
i wonder forom where r u getiing such talent !

Deepti Aggarwal said...

wow Kavi...good job... Karthika's work is just awesome... she is new to me and romina.. i know she is just talented...kudos to both of them..

Jovi said...

Hey there... Karthika's blog is new for me... but being a quilling fan... its inspiration for me... Thanks Kavitha for introducing us to Karthika.... As for Romina... know her for the past month... very creative and very sweet... I got my first blog award from her... so She is really special to me...

Tejal said...

Thanks for introducing me to new her work, been following Romina's work for a while now..she's super talented and I love the way she sends her gifts across!!
Fantastic week..!!!

And yes, if you can give me another week, I'll surely come up with a card for your challenge...hated missing out on it!