Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am supposed to post this on monday after all the celebration gets over,but due to some work on from monday i am posting this today itself.So friends,a big big thank you for all who participated in the celebrations and making it a huge success,i absolutely love this one month and made many new friends and interacted with many which i dint do much before this.

I am leaving you all with one more prize and a event.
I just want to get a feed back from you all about this event,but after seeing anita's 'How well you know me',i added few more here,just love that concept hope anita dont mind this:)))So you can either answer any one of these following questions or all four,its up to you because some of them know me personally,some only my crafty side,.some met me only in this celebrations so i want to give a chance to all to win this prize.BUt a minimum of 10 points is needed to be eligible,..the one with more n appropriate answer will win a small prize package from me,but i am sure you all wil love it as i am going to include all my new stuffs which i have not used yet.
  • Give a review about this anni celebrations-how well u enjoyed it,did u benefited anything from this??anything interesting happened for you??so on,,let me know what you think.
  • Tell me things you know about me,it can be either the things you know about me personally or my crafty side,..
  • Tell me something about my blog,when did i started my blog,how many post i have crossed or anything you like about my blog.
  • Tell me about my works,..which style i like,which is my fave embellishment,my fav color,my fav art
Hint:Go through all my old posts,you will know much more interesting things about me which you never know:)))

Once again a big thank you to all,i know how desperate you are all to know the result.So i will be back on 9th with a longgggggggggg list of winners.

Till then happy crafting,


Neha Jain said...

Seems like i am first to comment here...

well i dont know u personally...but ya...from past two mnths or may b lill les...i am floowing yuo...n found ur blog too good...

here is the list of what i knw about u..
1)u have ur own art store...
2)u dont knw hindi :D
3)u started ur blog on 9 june 09
4)u like driving car n bike
5)u love photography
6)u r addictive to craft
7)ur latest addiction is paper craft :d
8)u drop idea of becoming a fashion designer which was ur dream :D
9)u design for pie lane
10)u love stamping, distressing, embossing..

and about this anniversary celebration..i just want to say that coz of it i made new cradt...used new techniques, styles..etc..

i just loved this blog anniversary celebration...


Mallika said...

kavi di kavi kavi di !
1>UR Anniversary celebration is like the next big thing .. i loved being part of it .. from the start now till the end ! i seriouslly dun want that this shud end .. but i m sure next day you will be back with a bang !
2>I loved ur celebration coz you made it so interesting .. that it compelled me to make a card ( flower challenge ) when i had my UNIV paper next day .
3>something interesting will happen if i win something .. even if i dun .. i loved every bit n njoyed every bit of it
4>I remember when i first saw your blog " i thought weather she will ever follow mine or not .. she is so fablous .. she has all the supplies .. she so FAB !!" N yes you did ! n you are the top commenter in my blog ... love you for that
4> i LOVED YOUR WORK since the very first day ..i followed you .. i kept coming back .. time after time .. you inspired me !
5>you use to love murals .. but now have become addicted to card makiing
6> you love your school of arts and you had faced problem startting it
7> you really wanted to have a credit card in your hands .. n finally you have it
8> you never stop buying craft supplies .. you BUY ALOT ! ITS AN ADDICTION FER YOU
9 > you love making frends .. evident NORTH N SOUTH without hindi .. we are together n frends
10 > you are too excited for your silhouette
11> your blog is top class
12> you get disappointed if people are partial .. even i do .. we all do .. but yes we all will have our day :)
see this card .. i saw butterfly puches here for the first time .. that time i was still wondering how that embossing thing came up ?? lol
14> You really want to come to delhi but you are scared of language ,... no fear when i m here
15>you are one ultimate TILDA GIRL ! kavitha n tilda are made for each other
16> i sometimes envy your coloring skills
17> i was inspired .. n i actually used your tutorial for coloring my images .. they helped a lot
18>i have written a lot now !! muah !
you rock !

Hussena said...

Well kavitha,your month of celebration is the best thing to happen to me in recent times,I think I was more excited about all the activites going on in ur blog than maybe u yourself could have been ,believe it or not it's almost become a compulsion to go through ur blog at least once a day just to see what new is happening,and bang there is always something fun going on in ur blog I think even if u didn't offer any candy u would still have lot of people visiting ur blog just for the variety of things that u offer ,be it a tutorial or a new craft or even the lastest craft supply and I want to take this opportunity to thank u for all the fun and excitement u have provided to all the fellow bloggers.....kavitha u rock.
Now for the ten things I know about u goes my limited knowledge.
1, u started blogging two years back
2,u are from chennai and very interested in fine arts.
3,u not only own a lot of craft supply but u also have started a craft store where crafters can buy craft materials from u
4,your fav embellishment is using ribbons and butterflies .
5,although u dabble in lot of crafts making cards seem like your favorite as of now.
6,u are very dedicated to ur art school and don't mind taking time off blogging just to concentrate on it.
7,u are pretty addicted to using the. Tida image in ur cards.
8,you wanted to be a fashion designer but were not too keen on stiching .
9,ur recent interest is in photography.
10,and last but not least a generous person and a good friend who has helped many newcomers with ur comments and appreciation.
I think I should stop now before I take up more space. Hehe...
Best of luck with all ur future works.

anita said...

i,m sure mallika will take this prize.

1. your blogerversary month was a terrific idea and I,m sure now lot of people abroad will start this.

2. Its a pity I could not take part in two of your challenges. I enjoyed the concept of guest blogger. What a nice way to know each other,
3. You are a very dear friend and first to comment. All your comments are right from your Re a great painter and all your earlier posts were sketches and paintings. Your art teacher's name is HEma mam and you learnt from for two years.
You make beautiful murals and feel sad that paper crafting is not so popular in chennai. Recently you held an exhibition also.
you also won a 10 pound gift in one of the challenges.
You love to collect craft tools and can spend endlessly on them.
You started blogging in june 2009 and you like vintage and shabby chic cards very much Your fav em belli- is a butterfly(guess work) and your monarch butterfly punch.
Oh yes! you are great.
in quilling and punch craft also.
you sorted your credit card problem recently and silhouette sd is your next craft machine.
you stand and do your craft work like me(again guess work-he! he!)lastly,you are very simple at heart and forever eager to help.
So thats it. I hope i get the prize.

Jovi said...

hey kavi... i will be posting a list soon.. actually putting it on paper first... hehe... jsut wanted to clarify about the jumble word game... Are the words restricted to crafting??? Today's words left me little confused...

SUGANTHI said...

I will give this a try just for fun without going through your blog of course.

1. You are very sweet -by the way you address me.
2. You almost never recycle- I have observed.
3 . You love flowers and butterflies-just like me.
4 - multitalented - your blog content.
5. very giving- so many blog candies.
6. Never give any attention to punctuations when you write- I feel it as an English teacher:D.
7. Impatient to see your final work when it is nearing finish -same as me.
8. Right now obsessed with Tilda images -I can see that.
9. spend a lot of time on the net- I keep seeing you on facebook.
10. Enjoy blogging and you make friends easily and learn quickly- I have seen you become more and more creative.

Good luck with all your endeavours and God bless you.

Jovi said...

Hey kavitha
ur anniversary celebrations have been something I have looked forward to every day of the past month... it kept me completely hooked....
I liked the way we were so welcomed to it and made a part of it... I felt like as if I was in a real party...

Apart from that it has helped me grow with different and new techniques... Its been a wonderful month and I am for sure gonna miss it...

Now to get on to the ten things about you...
1) You have a great collecting of crafting tools.. (The stuff u sent me in my first order was overwhelming - I wish for the day when I too have such things)
2)You take every bit care so that the other person understands what u mean (u explained to me about the cutouts & embossed sheets in the mail... I did not know what a CB was till then)
3)You want to learn to crochet. Thats what u told me when u saw my crochet flowers.. But I know the day u learn u will be much much better than me... leading to the next point...
4)U like things perfectly done...
5)You are a very simple person (Guessing that from your photograph)
6) You would have been a fashion designer if not for the stitching part involved..
7)Through your craft store you want to help new crafters to get access to crafting material which is reasonable... (Know this from the way u spoke of getting the stamps made for me...)
8)U are an awesome painter and many of your projects are on hold because of your new obsession of Paper Crafts...
9) U want to learn as many different types of crafts as possible!! ( I admire ur determination)
10)Ur idea of handmade gifts is very inspirational for me... actually all of ur blog is... I cant stop oooohing and aaaahing... about it... still writing more... so will be back

Romina's Cretive Crafts said...

its a pleasure knowing u !!
its a beauty owning u !!
a creator par exellence who owns an arts school
with a passion for papercrafts which now rules
a gem at heart n very helpful,
with a craze for owning every possible craft tool ;)
your cards seem to b out of this world
i want to b d owner of at least one third !!
your craft store is abuzz with something new all time
we all go thru your handmade gift blog al d time
u've made it to top 3 in contests a lot many time
and won 1 recently and v all did chime
u've never won a candy & are desparate to win
don't worry kavi,u'll win it EK DIN !!
now its our turn to take a call
may u suceed in all u do
all d problems in life-u'll surely get THRU :)

Crafterkhush said...

God.. This anniversary celebration was soo much fun... Made me participate which was a wonder.. Made my first cased card all thanks to your challenge.. It's been inspiring and creatively challenging so Kudos to you....

10 things about you...I don't think I'll manage to list it but I'll try

1) you love trying different fold cards.
2) You love using pastel shades as you think you cannot pull off bright colours
3)You like anything creative-painting,paper,mural.. Your a creative person through and through
4)You are now buying an SD..;-)
5)Your craft store is a dream and the kits you have are awesome..
6) You love cars & bikes
7) You've won numerous challenges the latest being HLSC.
8)You've never won a candy till date.. well don't lose heart.. ek din will be your day..
9) you love buying craft supplies ( like most of us)
10) you're a great quiller but u feel sad because cannot devote much time to it

Its been 2 years since you started blogging and recently crossed 2 lakh hits.. u started ur own online craft store and handmade gifts store.. which is really cool..

I love your colouring and the way u embellish... Totally Gorgeous...Your one of my fav craft bloggers from the indian community...

Shubhra said...

wow wow wow...such nice things from everyone...well frankly I didnt know much about u but I wanted to know u n that is the very reason why I participated in ur challenges :) N look now..I really know some things, at least from what others have to say ! This was a great idea for those to know who don't know u already...but few things that I know of my own, not from what others have written:
1. U have ur own craft store
2. U conduct hobby classes
3. U dont know hindi - coz u didnt know 'Di'
4. U do real nice coloring..I wanted to participate in coloring challenge but I was scarde
5. I had been admiring ur other works of art and I love how you are so well trained in all of them
6. I loved the maple leaf tutorial