Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hi all,
as a note of thanks to all my friends who supported me in this this anniversary celebrations and through out the year i want to give a award to all of them:)))
I have created this award during the last year blog anniversary to give to all my friends,so now its been another year and it means lot of new friends,..i would love to pass it on to all whom i met in this one year:)))

So this goes to all my new friends in no particular order,lol:)))

  • Ujjwal
  • Mallika
  • Romina
  • Sudha kalra
  • Bhavana
  • Jovita
  • Tejal
  • Anadhi
  • Easy crafts
  • Priya.v
  • Priya sivaraj
  • Sharddha
  • Rachana
  • Smita
  • Dr.sonia
  • Khushboo
  • Priyanks bokadia
  • Priyadarshini deshpande
  • Hussena
  • Mansi
  • Lucy
Wow,..a long list hmm???hope next year it gets even more bigger:)))Love you all for the love and support dear friends:)))))

The good news is that,with the over whelming response to the Guest blogger concept,i decide to make it monthly and it is called as "FEATURED BLOGGER" from now on with even more details of the blogger n her works,not only for paper crafts but any type of arts n paintings,..Interesting huh???so keep watching.

So all the celebration is going to get over soon,and i feel really sad, you all????lol.I wish i can continue this,but i know it will become a over dose,lolz,..anyways there is always another year or some reason to celebrate again,..what do you think????But i promise to you keep something interesting for you all to look out in my blog all the time,:))))that's it from me,see you all soon:))).
Bye n take care:)

Happy blogging and crafting,


Piyu said...

Thanks so much for the award Kavi :)

Crafterkhush said...

Wow.. Super cool stuff...

Neha Jain said...

congrts to all...who get award :)

Romina Nahata said...

thanks :)

Mallika said...

trhankyou di so much

Anita Kejriwal said...

It has been an awesome event no doubt! And I,m glad that I,m amongst your oldest of friends and thanks for all that you do on the blog. It is important to be a good human being first rather being a good crafter. You are a first class proof of that. You are a beautiful person inside and so whatever you create is very beautiful. GOOD WISHES TO YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Thank You Kavi it is an honor to be featured on your blog

Hussena said...

Thanks kavitha for the award and hope u make many more friends and ur blog becomes all the more of luck for all future ventures.

Ujjwal said...

Thank you so much for the award Kavi! I wish I could be a part of all the celebrations on your blog which because of my vacations I couldn't.

Happy to know that you are making the Guest Blogger feature monthly. It would be so much fun to know each other better.

Jovi said...

Hey kavitha... I feel grt to make a good friend like you in this short span of time... U have helped me tremendously and I have loved every aspect of ur anniversary celebrations... I feel sad though I missed yest's word as was not well and could not come online... Cheers to ur blog and to the good work you do and most of all to the Awesome Person that you are...

EC said...

Wow..superb..thanks for the award

All the best

Shalini said...

dats a super idea Kavi to have the featured blogger each month...

Priyanka Bokdia said...

thanks so much kavi! you have jumbled my name out there haha!
i missed all the fun! feel sad that i was unable to take part!

Manu Gupta said...

Congratulations on ur Blog-anniversary!!!

wishing you many more...
do check out my blog

Hope you'll have good time browsing !!