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Hi all,
my guest blogger for this month is priya from Color conceptions.She is a multi-talented lady,and a chennai blogger,yay its nice to meet people from same place through blog land which otherwise would have not happened.
Read through her interesting interview,and she shares a special tutorial for making a felt flower here.Finally,leave some love for my guest,and if you are interested in being a featured blogger here,please mail me to with a link back to your blog.Do not leave the interest in the comment section,i am unable to get the link to some of the blogs,so mail me and i will get back to you.

1.Please feel free to introduce yourself and share a little something about yourself.
Hello, I am Priya from Chennai, India.. I am married to a handsome husband and a mom of 5 year old adorable boy.My hubby is the best critique of my works and if he likes it, I know it is a hit!!I had been working with a reputed software company but had given up the job for my kid and to pursue my interests.I like to try my hand at any art or craft and my interests keep changing often..:)
Now,I love blogging..oz I get to meet lot of people, make some friends and witness huge talents and have fun!!
2.Do you have a blog?when did you started blogging?share some of your blogging experience with us.
Yes..!!Started my blog in Nov 2010 and here is my blog ColorConceptions.I had wanted to start a blog for longtime..But did not have time.. After I quit my job last year, I was browsing and visited many art and craft blogs.They are my real inspirations , that urged me to start a blog immediately. Kavitha’s blog was one of such early inspirations.Blogging is all about getting inspired and inspiring.It is fun and great way to connect with people having same interest.. !!
In this journey,
3.When did you discover the crafting talent in you?

I could nt say exactly when…as early as I could remember, I had been passionate about arts and crafts.And every relative and friend of mine would have atleast one of my works with them.. :).

5.For how many years have you been in this field of art n craft? Share some memorable moments with us.

I remember, I used to take my drawing book everywhere and drew car,bus..etc and whatever I see, when I was 5.Later my drawing interested subdued and my craft interests raised its head till school days..Then was busy with studies, job, marriage, kid.. till I forwent my job..:))

6.Is crafting is your profession? If yes, what makes to choose it, do you think is a good profession in India?

As of now, it is a hobby! Would love to take it for a profession. But I doubt, me becoming crafting professional any sooner !!

Crafting can be good profession , provided you are much dedicated , know the pulse of market ,give your best and value for money to the customers ,meet deadlines. Teaching crafts can also be taken up as profession.

7.In what type of crafts/paintings you deal with, which is your most favorite work?

I mostly make cards now, as you can do one in a jiffy(for regular blogposts J) , does nt need lot of patience, get to try a lot of new techniques. At times, my painting interests come back and do 1 or 2 paintings.. I make Tanjore painting, Acrylic painting, glass painting,Coffee painting,ceramic painting,Mehandi,quilling, soft toys,decoupage, Kerala murals, M-seal mural, epoxy mural and many of that sort…I love my Tanjore paintings the most.

8.From where did you get your ideas/inspirations for your art?

I get inspirations from magazines,blogland and google .Ideas can pop up from anything,anytime,anywhere..!! I just put in the back of mind, what I need and go on..One fine moment, yurekah! The bulb glows and that is when I get my ideas..

9.What do you consider as your strength and weakness in crafts?

My Strength is , when I am seriously into some craft/ art I give full attention and enjoy making it to the core! Weakness is, when I lose interest, I set aside the project and God knows when I will work back on it!!

10.What is your success mantra?

Give your best and enjoy doing it!

11.Which is your favorite art works of yours till date and why? pls share us the picture of that art.

Tanjore paintings are my most favorite art work till date and this Yaal Ganesha is so special.I wanted to try a not so common piece, once I saw the sketch, I jumped into making it.( Yaal is a musical instrument used centuries ago and our tamil poets describe," its music is the sweetest of the sounds.."!!)My in-laws are hoarding it now!.

12.Who is your favorite crafter and why? Do you have any role model?

There are so many of crafters, Indian and foreign, who are my favorite….coz, I find something good in each one of them.. Most Favorites are of them are Jennifer Mc Guire, Gina K, Dawn McVey,Niki Estes,Teresa Collins,Kristina Werner

13.Do you have any dream project?

Interior decorating my dream home is one dream project!I have so many.. If I complete all of them , I will be the best artist/crafter in town!! J

14.What is your future plans in crafting?

My future plan is to open up a shop to sell my art/craft works.. But I have nt set a deadline for it yet!!

15.Thank you so much for spending some time to answer my questions, finally please share some useful tips for new budding bloggers

Thanks Kavi for choosing me as a Guest blogger!, I really enjoyed answering the questions too...

Try learning simple things first.. when you are comfortable, move to next level.

Try different techniques and see what you excel in! Make it your style.

Give out your best in whatever you do.

All the very best for budding crafters and thanks for reading patiently about me..:)

I thought I would make a tutorial common for both card makers and crafters.. So here I am presenting you the Kanzashi flowers..They can be made in satin cloth, ribbon,velvet and paper too..

Take felt in 2 colors(can be done in single color too)

Cut small squares with it.. need not be perfect, you can also try with circles.. it gives a different flower :)

Fold the squares in half

Join the below two ends

Secure the folds with safety pins

After it is done for all the 8 pieces, Sew them one by one ,removing the pins

Sew together the last petal with the first one and knot it below

Fill the center with button or brad or any other embellishment. Finally, the Kanzashi flower!! Is nt it gorgeous?!!

Here is some of the beautiful works from priya..


Hussena said...

i loved reading about priya, its so nice to know a little bit more about fellow bloggers who are also good crafter's,priya definitely is one of the best..i always get to learn something new everytime i visit her blog...she is truly a gifted indiviual!!

Unknown said...

wow....nice to know some more about priya and what a cool tutorial

Unknown said...

"Give out your best in whatever you do." VERY good point everybody should know and follow- thanks

Happy Deepavali

Indira Tanwar said...

Good to know more about you Priya!! Loved your Tanjore paintings!