Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello people,
welcome to the 4th week of anniversary celebrations,hope you all are enjoying what is going on here in my blog.Before going to this week's challenge,i want to clear a few things about the 'Inspirational challenge' as some of our new blog friends find it difficult to understand the concept of casing.
  • You can case any of our India bloggers card including me:)).Casing means copying the main theme and the layout of the original card,other things like colors,design papers and embellishments can be different as it is not possible to use the same products..If you refer my sample card of the challenge and the original card(i have given the link),you can understand it better.I have followed the layout n theme,but i have changed the color,window design and even the flowers.Hope this makes it clear,if you still have any doubt mail me.
  • one can enter as many times as they like,there is no restriction for the no.of entries.
  • Deadline has been extended till5th june,sunday.Hope to see many participants this time:).
So now on to today challenge,one of my close bloggy friend and a talented crafter anita is holding a challenge for you all with a interesting tutorial and some amazing prizes:)).She is the one to whom i spoke to,..among my blog friends and till now whenever i have a question or doubt she is the one whom i cal up or message immediately:)).Thanks anita,for taking time and being a part of this anniversary celebrations.Over to her,..

Hi, I,m Anita ,an avid crafter who sleeps, eat and breathe crafting. I love trying out new techniques and forever eager to learn. Another addiction is hoarding craft supplies and I do not think this will wear off anymore. In fact its growing day by day!
Those who have visited my blog know very well, how crazy I,m about making flowers. Believe me, making each one of them thrills me to no end. So when Kavitha approached me to post a tutorial for her blog, I racked my brains for over a week to give something new. I loved making this flower and YES, I did not use PUNCHES!!
So here is my tutorial step-by - step, on how to make these flowers.
Since I,m bad at taking pics(AM I NOT FAMOUS FOR THIS BY NOW?) (LOL). I hope that you all will bear with me.

mulberry paper or any thin hand made paper, distress inks-faded jeans, broken china, dusty concord. water spray, scissors, glue, brush, glitter glue, punched out black snowflakes, glue gun,

Step1:Stamp the distress inks on a craft mat and spray water

Step2:place your paper and press it well so that all the paint comes on it.
Step3:dry it wih a heat gun or air dry

Step4:Cut petals freehand

Step5:Added a little water to glue and apply on the petals both sides with a brush.

Step6:Twist the petals firmly like shown

Step7:air dry and when it is semi dry reopen them and pinch the bottom
Step8:with a glue gun apply on a small circle and place the petals overlapping.

Step9:use snowflakes and glitter to make centres. apply glitter on the petals.

Here is the card that I made using these flowers,..

Now, my challenge to you is to make anything using flowers that are handmade. It can be a card, box, layout, anything of your choice.
But the catch is that it should have at least one flower that is handmade and YES, NOT PUNCH CRAFT FLOWERS.
The winner will get a RAK from me will contain--Silhouette sd diecuts, spell binders die cuts, embossed CB papers, Patterned papers, ribbons, embellishments, and clear stamps from my own cards and scraps. I may add more goodies if I see a good number of entries. You can give multiple entries.
So Over to you and happy crafting!!!


Woo,..isn't it a interesting challenge and a amazing prize,?...i wish i could participate to win this awesome prize,lol.Hope you guys will join in:))))You have time till 5th of june.

Happy crafting,


Crafterkhush said...

this can include quilled flowers too right kavitha dii.. or does it have to be like the one anita di has done?

Hussena said...

hi kavi ,
this is very interesting but i have a ques ,should one make a card using the flower thats anitas shown in her tutorial or can it be any other handmade flower.b'cos frankly i do not have even 1/4th of her craft supplies so making her flower could be a problem.

Unknown said...

Its a shame that i can't participate in this challenge no matter how much I really want to coz I am out for two months.Hope to participate in the other challenges that you host after july.Greta tutorial and project and very inspiring card

Piyu said...

Wow..What a tutorial!! Thanks Anita and Kavi! Will surely participate.

Anita Kejriwal said...

Hey Girls, you can use water colours or photo colours if you do not have distress inks or you can take coloured paper and continue and avoid the colouring part.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Super ideas you think of Anita!

SUGANTHI said...

what about quilled flower?

Jovi said...

hey kavitha and anita... thanks for this challenge... have linked my creation... tell me what u guys think...

Mallika said...

dre goes my entry !

Indira Tanwar said...

Hey guys, I have posted 2 entries. I have also shared a tutorial for the first entry for handmade roses.


Jovi said...

hi... i have posted a card with crochet and quilled flowers.. I hope it qualifies for the criteria of handmade let me know what ya think...

Shubhra said...

I have entered twice but for my second entry pls consider both cards in my post as separate :) I loved the challenge and the best part was it was juz bcoz of this that I naturally came up with something unusual.. thnx !