Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hi guys,
hope all of you are having a grt weekend.Mine is terrible,down with high fever from yesterday,now a bit ok.
I have got this lovely award from one of my best blogging buddy priya,thank you girl!!!

In order to continue, I have to post 8 things about myself and pass this along to 8 bloggers:
  1. I am a kind of a person one time filled with full of energy,enthu and positive thoughts and the other time straight opposite.So keeping myself cheerful is the biggest task for me,lol..
  2. Love music(i learnt keyboard n veena but some how couldn't continue now),games like shuttle and chess.
  3. I started collecting paints,brushes etc from when i was very small but never know how to use them:))i once bought oil paint tube and mixed with water n painted on paper:))but didn't take any formal training till my college.
  4. I occasionally read books,but if i start reading a book i wont keep it down until i finish it:)
  5. I love learning new things always,not only paintings,..anything that is interesting n new,..
  6. I love to learn anything practical and i never forget them,but theory,..i immediately forget them:))i never had notes for any of my painting!!
  7. God is my best friend,but i never go to temples:)
  8. I love to collect all cute little things like,keychains,small dolls,and anything that is beautiful..never mind whether i need it or not.
I am passing this to:
  • Shraddha
  • Shalini
  • Spardha
  • Karuna
  • Deepthi
  • Yyam
  • Asha
  • Sudha

Happy crating,


Shalini said...

thank u soo much Kavi... :) this is appreciated so much!!!

Creativek(shraddha) said...

Thanks sooo much Kavi!this means a lot..hey I hope you feel better soon..take loads of rest..

AshKuku said...

Thank You so so much.... It feels happy to learn that u remembered me then... Hugs))))


Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Thanku Kavi. for this sweet award.