Friday, December 24, 2010


Hi all,
the year is going to end and we all are eagerly expecting a new year.I hope everybody recall all their memories,good or bad at this time,..the best thing we did,the worst thing we did, all the crafter's will think of their best work in this year,isn't it?i did today.But this year without problem in choosing it,i can close my eyes and say this painting,..

This is called kerala mural,a traditional and auspicious painting in kerala,done on the temple wall directly with natural colors.But since we don't get all those natural colors here i did with acrylic paints on canvas.
I did for my exhibition in April 2010,..this is the biggest painting i have done so far,..measures 3 feet by 6 feet and it took me 2 months to complete it,..i love this painting a lot,..this is very close to my heart and i think it will remain one of the best in my life time,...generally i don't admire my work a lot,..because i feel if we think its our best we just stop there and we don't grow more,..we should keep on aiming for the best,..but some times it is good just to boost up ourselves,..what you say,..

Some close ups,..

This is where the painting is displayed, the stair case wall,..and its so apt for this place,..

So here is the interesting event, your best work of 2010, can be anything,..a card,painting,3d projects,crafts,..or anything,..which you feel the best of your's in this year, is the simple rules to follow:

  • Re-post your work on your blog with the link back to this event(spread the word)
  • Just explain a little why it is so special(it will be interesting,huh?)
  • If possible write when any for what you did that particular work(not necessary)
  • Leave your link in MR.Linky or leave a comment with link back to the particular post.
  • You have time until jan 5th 2011
  • A random winner will be choosen on 6th of jan and i offer a RAK for the lucky winner.

Interesting,..huh?,..can't wait to see all your best works,..Hope you will play along:))

Happy crafting,


Priya Sivaraj said...

Kavi, this is an interesting event! beautiful Kerala Mural too.. the work should ve been back breaking..:)

Asha said...

Absolutely ethereal! Very classy and intricate too.

Nothing wrong in cherishing and celebrating our own work. We must do it to boost our self esteem.

I too have two keral murals one is raamar pattabhishekam and another is reclining vishnu.

Ash said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I love sophistication in anything I do.... I can see it here in your awesome work, which in turn speaks loads.....

And the event.... Oh! Sure... I'd love to be a part... I will very soon...... I was so engaged with many projects today & posting them is another task by itself... Hence would participate ASAP.... Hugs))))


Creativek(shraddha) said...

oh my god this is gorgeous !Stunning!Awesome!Fantastic!You are sooooo gifted!!A true artist!!!I wish you lived near my house I would love to learn from you!

Rachana said...

wow what intricate detailing..great work dear...


hi kavita your kerela mural is awesome your art is really too good. you inspire all of us. can we put more than one entry in your event? do let me know

EC said...

Its amazing..loved the intricate work..wish u a happy crafty year