Saturday, August 5, 2017

More than words August challenge

Hello everyone,

happy weekend.Its time for another challenge over at "More than words".This month we ask you to make a project inspired by the word "HARMONY" and add your favorite song lyrics.

Here is my inspiration for the challenge,My layout is about "RAIN",the one thing that keeps me in harmony with nature and myself.I love rain-the sound,the smell,if you dont believe in magic watch the rain next time.The pure water pouring out of nowhere is pure magic,and as it cleanse the environment it cleanse our soul too.RAIN gives me lots of childhood memories,jumping in the puddle,counting the rain mushrooms,watching the new colorful insects,shaking the tree and creating  artificial rain,paper boats and the list goes on.All these happened when we were in grandma's house with garden.Now everything changed,there is no garden and its almost so rare to see trees in city, i badly miss those days.Now my favorite thing to do when it rains is to have a hot cup of coffee and just watch it from the balcony,and ofcourse sleeping.
I almost love all the rain songs,but this song "Sil sil malaiye" from a Tamil movie is my most favorite,may be because there are lots of kids dancing.This song just makes me happy,i highly recommend you to listen to this SONG

Thank you for stopping by.
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