Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vintage/Masculine style mixed media notebook for Colourarte

Hello ppl,
 happy saturday.Today i am sharing a project i made for "Colourarte".I made a masculine style notebook in vintage/grunge style.This is quiet out of my comfort zone,as i always say masculine projects are not quiet easy.
So finally i tried using all those pretty wood grain papers for a project other than using it for taking photos,lol.I tried some tone on tone coloring on this one,i chose the same colors as pattern papers to color my project,the final result is quiet interesting.More details and tutorial can be found on "ColourArte" blog.
I myself feels strange sometimes but my mind work better when i make a total contrast project to my previous one.My last project was so soft,girl, n shabby n this project is totally the opposite-vintage,grungy n masculine.I know its always easy to make similar kind of projects,as the flow will be there and you dont have to clean up the space and take out new stuffs all the time.But if i make similar project i easily get bored,and when i am bored the result wont be that great,lol.Even though it difficult to change the mind set,clean up the working space,taking n keeping things in and out is tiring i prefer this way of working,i love challenges and work better in challenging situations. So how do you work on your projects??would love to hear it from you.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy crafting,

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Georgie C said...

Such a cool cover - love what you have done!