Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hello all,...
did you like the new design of my blog??i somehow didn't like the previous one,and wanted it to change long back.Finally i found time only yesterday,i spent whole evening for designing it,and i absolutely love the new look:))isn't it fresh??:)

Ok coming to the card,as the title suggest i made both the cards only with scraps for priya's challenge.The first card is inspired by Jennifer Mcguire ink,she has done it as CAS card only with the strings n birds.I tried cloud background behind,actually i should have used lightest blue ink for the BG,it was so dominating before,so i made the strings bit thicker and applied white watercolor pencil all over the cloud and now it was bit ok.To bring it still more down,i added a sentiment panel n the sun,hmm..but the clouds are dominating i guess..what do you all think?I have used the tiniest pattern papers to cut the birds,even a bit of paper is not waste when u have dies or punches:))

In this card,the background is made totally with scraps.Love the outcome.Now that i have my tutorial blog i will add tutorials for all the possible n different thing i make.Scroll down for the tutorials or visit my Tutorial blog.


This is all you need..
  • Pattern paper scraps
  • Distress inks and blending tool
  • Circle dies or punches
  • Card stock for base&
  • Glue

I have used first 2 sizes of spellbinders plain circle dies for this,you can even use some medium size punches if you don't have the dies.

First cut all the papers in 2 to 3 different size.Distress them individually.

Glue all the pieces individually n start sticking one by one over lapping each other.Since it is in circle shape go outside the card stock in the corners.Stick in the same style for whole of the card stock,remember the card stock should not be seen any where.

Once you finish it off,allow to dry for some time and trim the excess in the outer edge.You can either stop with this step and use as it is.Or try the next step to give even more finishing.

I have embossed it with distressed stripes embossing folder,this will help you to merge all the papers well and give a finished look as a single paper.
  • Use only 2 to 3 size of circles,not more than that.
  • Stick it in a balanced way with alternate light n dark color n sizes.
  • Don't not use a very intricate design embossing folder or a simple one,the former will not allow the pattern paper designs to show off,the later will not be seen at all.Use a medium one.

Happy crafting,


Hussena said...

both your card are so beautiful, the birds on the string is such a wow ..and i love your tutorial using scraps.. never thought to use them in such away..thanks for sharing.. its a lovely idea!!

Indira Tanwar said...

What cards Kavi!! I am stunned :) Very cool ideas with scraps! You are a genius girl!

Priya Sivaraj said...

absolutely stunning!!! love both the cards but more the second one.. super way to use the scraps..Thanks for playing along my Use your scraps challenge!Please make another entry for second card, so that both the cards can be voted.All the best!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Kavitha the clouds are gorgeous -- wish you would do a tutorial on how you make such beauties next time you make them-- technical cards such as these are beyond my understanding-- I can only drool!!

Priya Venkat Designs said...

Love your circles card. Lovely way to use up all your pp scraps and the end result looks so good.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Kavitha! Great way to use scraps and tks for sharing the tips! :) Yes...the clouds are a bit strong in the bg....great sponging btw! :)

Crafting Aberrigines said...

so i am speechless..
let me just say..
I hv no words to define my appreciation and awe. :)

P.S The blog template can never equal your gorgeous creations :)

Tejal said...

I love the little birdies!! And both those cards are super super fab!! Way to go!

Merlyn said...

Both the cards are unusual:) Very well done and pretty

Avni said...

Love those cute birdies and the angle used in card. second card is just fab! very diff idea for making a background!

AshKuku said...

I LOVE THEM!!! THEY are brilliant.... :D Kudos Kavitha you have really extended your arena.... I feel so good.... (((A tight hug for these brilliant pieces....)))

Ash... :)

Crafting Aberrigines said...

Love love love love and absolutely love your cards..both of them are gorgeous.I am definitely going to try the circles one ..oh and what do I see next to the distress ink ? The foam with a handle ??? Did you make it or did you buy it ?
Please tell me ..put up a tutorial looks really convenient to me for distressing and all :) :)
My email Id: your tutorial blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kavitha,

Amazing tutorial! Thank you very much. Should try it soon.

I see you are using a blending toool different from Ranger's. May I know what the one you are using is?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kavitha,

Wonderful tutorial. I am going to try it very soon. Thank you for sharing.

I would like to ask a question though. The ink blending tool, you are using. what is it?