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this months guest blogger is ramya from Art platter.She is new to me,i got a mail form her some time back n when i visited her blog i was really impressed.She is a versatile crafter with lot of different works in her blog,and she has lots of simple tutorials too.So check it out what she says about herself n her art journey,over to ramya..

1.Please feel free to introduce yourself and share a little something about yourself.

Hello, I’m Ramya and I live in Chennai with my folks. I am working as a Management Consultant after my Post graduation in Management from a Business School in Bangalore.

Used to be (still is) the kind of person who keeps scribbling in the corner of textbooks during class hours. I have now taken this to the next level by seriously getting into crafts and reading on art.

What started with pencil scraps, chocolate wrappers and match sticks for the ‘Art From Waste’ competitions in school has now changed to polymer clay, duplex paper and kundan stones. The materials used have changed, not the inclination to experiment!

2.Do you have a blog?when did you started blogging?share some of your blogging experience with us.

Oh yes... My very own blog, which has now become a dear friend - was launched on October 2010. At that time, I was still writing about whatever I came across, or any art related topic that fascinated me. Slowly I started making tutorials on various crafts and started connecting with various talented people in the world of blogging. The best day was when I received my first comment - I was just so happy to respond!

3.When did you discover the crafting talent in you?

I can’t remember really!... Maybe when I was 6 or 7, if not earlier.

5..For how many years have you been in this field of art n craft? Share some memorable moments with us.

My most memorable moment was when I used to make designs and sketches of jewellery in my 4th standard, my friends used to comment even then that I could take this up as profession. Since then I’m in the pursuit of honing my craft skills.

6.Is crafting is your profession?If yes,what makes to choose it,do you think is a good profession in India?

I wish I could turn it into my profession very soon. And I’m working my way towards it. With the kind of rich heritage that India has, I am sure there could be a no better place in the world!

7.In what type of crafts/paintings you deal with,which is your most favorite work?

I do anything that fascinates me: Paper crafts for kids and adults, pot work, polymer clay work, glass painting and so on. My favourite although is flower making.

8..From where did you get your ideas/inspirations for your art?

Everything around me is an inspiration – the world we live in and the ‘world wide web’!

9.What do you consider as your strength and weakness in crafts?

The will to experiment and my mom who never asks me to enter the kitchen are my key strengths! So I’ve got a lot of free time once I’m back from work. I consider myself still a beginner and so there is still a long way to go – an exciting path ahead awaits.

10.What is your success mantra?

Well, as I said, still a beginner, but I guess getting featured on Kavi’s Kalalayaa Art Club is Step 1 of success. So in that case, the mantra is Kavi and the passion I have towards crafts. I can just spend sleepless nights in the company of fabric colours and adhesive.

11..Which is your favorite art works of yours till date and why?pls share us the picture of that art.

One of my favourites are these hibiscus flowers which I made by recollecting the process an art teacher taught me when I was in my eighth grade.

12..Who is your favorite crafter and why?Do you have any role model?

My favourite crafter is Inna of Increations. She truly is a Quilling Ninja. I love how much she experiments with quilling. The kind of perfection and the depth of her creations are just so inspiring.

13.DO you have any dream project?

Oh yes. I have many, to list a couple of them – one is to do a ceramic mural covering half of the living room wall at my home. A large quilled painting is something which is also in the pipeline.

14.What is your future plans in crafting?

Very soon I plan to start a whole segment on handmade cards. Right now I am working on a few designs. Lamasa Crafts after that.

15.Thank you so much for spending some time to answer my questions, finally please share some useful tips for new budding bloggers.

  • Be passionate about what you do.
  • Nothing is too small. Start small and dream big. After all, crafting is all about turning something simple into something fascinating.
  • Remember to Have fun!

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