Sunday, May 22, 2011


I got these two awards from husenna and tejal sometime back.Due to the blogging break n the anniversary celebrations i couldn't find time to post it,..ok better late than never.Thank you girls,for passing these awards to me.
So, i have to pass this awards to others and tell few things about me.I guess most of you got these award,i am passing it to all my blog friends, those who dint get it please feel free to grab it:))).

Few things about me:
  • My dream was to become a fashion designer,and even i did a course on that,but when i came to know stitching is the main part,i skipped that idea and then chosen this profession(i really thought fashion designing is all about sketching and designing in note book,stitching is the one thing i don't like at all:)))
  • I love fast driving both car n bike.
  • If i like something i can do anything for that,and if i don't,. i wont even bother to look back at it.
  • I love photography and wish(dream)to learn professional photography sometime in my life.
  • I have really become additive to crafts and sacrificed all my hobbies which i feel bad now and wish to start again.Though crafting is a great hobby,i guess anything as a profession is stress with commitments,deadlines and to keep up with the latest things.
  • I wish to learn maximum no.of arts n crafts in my life time.
  • My latest addiction is paper craft,and all my unfinished paintings seeks my attention badly:((
  • I really cant do a same work continuously for a long time except browsing,lol.

Tomorrow is the 4th week of the anniversary celebrations,and expect a very interesting thing with some interesting prizes again,so don't forget to checkout the post tom morning,.taa ,..daa,..

Till then happy sunday(no crafting:)),

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anandhirajan said...

Hi kavitha, I agree with you on most of the things which you had said. I too wanted to learn maximum number of crafts in my life time. Yeah even I couldn't do same work continuously yea yes yes I like to blog hop. I simply love it