Friday, August 13, 2010


i did this some times back.Since i am very poor in taking photo graphs of small things i didn't post this for long.Now i have tried again and this time it was ok i think.But still it's not very clear,sorry for that.

It took one whole day for me to complete this.Because of white color it become more difficult for me to maintain the neatness.I had very tough time in making it's legs and make it stand.But at the end it worth all the pain,..isn't it?

P.S:I am really scared of dogs,i wont even go near even small puppies.But i love this because i am sure i wont bite me,

Hope you all like it.
Have a great weekend.
Happy crafting,


Kishley said...

oh wow! so i get to meet someone other than me who has dog-phobia.. I am scared of puppies too :D my hubby makes a lot of fun out of that fact.

& the creation is tooo good. You can try to click your small creations at a place which has light coming from side. Like in your first pic. That creates shadows & let the viewer get sense of 3 dimensions.
Also, if your pics come blurry, try to rest your camera on something, instead of holding them in your hands, that should remove the blur from pics.

Tejal said...

Another one for my side..I don't like dogs! And my hubby wants one..I told him to choose btn me and the pet, he said pet!!! I hate how they slobber all over you!!
This little puppy is so cute!! Fabulous..what camera do you use? maybe you can change the settings on it and see!

Priya Venkat Designs said...

Darlingly cute poodle. If I ever make one then it would be the only pet I'd ever have. Thankfully both me and the hubby are not much into pets. Do I really want more work around the house when I could be crafting instead?

AshKuku said...

Oh! I love them... & this is so so so chweeeeeeeeeeeeet & tute..... Muah! Muah! from my side..... to both u as well as ur creation.... :)


Spardha said...

OMG!!.. this is amazing!.. I love it!.. and I loove puppies! :))

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

OMG OMG another creative stuff from your side,love it love it.Keep it up dear.
Hey I am also scared of dogs but like small and hairy white puppies but scared of holding him in hands.

SUGANTHI said...

Cute poodle.I liked it a lot!

anita said...

I have very sweet white dog called Sunny and he is like child for me. I ve had a dog as a pet since last 20 years and they are too adorable. So is your poodle. Have You Named him?

yyam said...

Oh my! This is so cute! :) So worth the effort!

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Thanks Kavitha for ur sweet comment on my blog,Ya its totally a different experience.
In art we used to follow-Practice Practice n Practice, makes u the master of each n every technique.