Friday, July 16, 2010


Hi all,
my system was down for past one week and i really missed all the happenings in the blog land.I am posting a scrap book today which i have completed 2-3 days back and i am waiting to post it.Inspired bu juhi,i wanted to try a scrap book for long time.I have done this mainly to use all my craft supplies.Its been only 6-7 months since i started paper crafting but within this short period of time i have collected lot of materials,and its jus piling on and on.My craft storage spaces are just started to over flow.For cards very little things are used so the craft supplies never get used up fully.So here are the pics,my first try in scrap book.Do let me know what you people think.

Front page:

A simple one with lot of stickers:

Have tried faux postage effect in this with stamp punch.Distressing is always a disaster for me,apart from that i love the effect.

Baby page,one of my most favorite in this book.

I love the stickers.its a theme sticker.

This cutie is from my daisy n dandelion paper pack.

Have tried quilted effect in this.

With tile punch.

These two pages are done with punches,inspired from one of my punch craft book in which all the scrap book pages are done only with,..

Used my 2 inch paper paper(love it)

Martha Stewart punch around the page punch.

Again my favourite.
P.S:Please let me know which page u like the most:)))Jus curious:))

Hope u all like it.
Happy crafting,


Shalini said...

lovely ... its beautiful kavi... love the bay page and the bird house-fence page the most...

must have been loads of effort making it...

Shraddha said...

Wow all the pages are wonderful!!Great work!I loved the one with the picket fence.

Karuna said...

Kavi - WOW!

Loved all the pages but the quilted page was he bestest for me!

The one to receive it wld be the luckiest :)


Spardha said...

wow!!!.. amazing scrapbook!!.. love it!.. my fave page is the fence page and the postage stamp effect is just fab!!.. wow! :)

AshKuku said...

WOW!!! I am dumbstruck.... My mouth fell open seeing this awesomeness in front of me.... I loved every single page.... To tell u the truth, I might sound like a Duh!!! But, sincerely I do not understand the concept of scrap booking & what goes into it???? Through out the read I kept wondering & imagining the efforts & work u put into it.... Commendable..... Well! I sound an illiterate as far as scrap booking is concerned.... may be I ave to take a small crash course to learn about it.... But where???? Phew!!!


anita said...

all the pages are beautiful. A very good scrapbook. Its difficult to choose one but I guess the one with fence is the best cos I love punch craft.

SUGANTHI said...

Every page brings cheer.Difficult to find a favourite, though I am a bit partial to the quilted effect page and the postage effect one.

Manasa said...

Tooo good yaar...But i loved the fence and my sweet garden and the postal stamp effect the best of alll... :)

Manasa said...

Tooo good yaar...But i loved the fence and my sweet garden and the postal stamp effect the best of alll... :)

yyam said...

Wow! This looks awesome gal! I love the garden of flowers with the bird house! Too cute!

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Awesome work dear, I like all the pages.Very creative work dear.Keep it up.