Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hi all,
i'm really happy today.There are so many reasons to celebrate in my blog, thougth of having a give away.Let me explain you the reasons first:),..
  • I have started my blog on june 9th 2009,so with dec 9th 2009 six months of blogging is over.Its been really a fantastic 6 months i should say,i have learnt so much,got some lovely friends and loads of encouragement from all you people which helped me a lot to improve.
  • This is my 175th post on this blog,and totally i have crossed 200 post on all my blog.Yes the total post on my blog is 236:)).
  • My blog crossed over 50,000 hits:))).
These are all possible only because of you all people, i want to celebrate it with a small give away.I have planned to give some exclusive designs from my collection of books(not from the net:)),.There are some simple rules to follow,..
  • You must become a follower of my blog(if you are following already,its fine)
  • Leave a comment on this post on what you like about my blog the most(suggestions to improve is also welcome).
  • Link back to this post with the image on the side bar of your blog.
  • People who dont have a blog can jus become a follower n leave a comment.
Simple isn't it!!This candy will get over by jan 31st.The winner will br selected with on feb 1st.There will be two winners,the first one will get 5 designs and the second will get 2 designs,and there will a special prize for the one who leaves the best comment.

So here is the list of designs that the winner will get:
  • Madhubani design-1
  • Warli design-1
  • Stained glass design-1
  • Mural design-1
  • Abstract desing-1
The first one will get all 5 of these,second will get any three of their choice.The special prize will be a exclusive kerala mural design.

Note:Its important to become a follower,to win this candy,and if you have a blog please link back to this event with the image on your blog and do leave a comment.Thank you.


Nithya said...

Wow.. this is something interesting again from you. :)

Kavitha is one of the best artistic persons I have come across and I admire her interest and dedication towards arts and crafts. She was the first ever friend I got through blogging and we are in touch till date. :) Happy to have seen her blog. Loads of varieties of arts and I am absolutely inspired by her works. On the whole she is a fantastic person with amazing talents. Keep going dear.. I am astonished with your milestones in a short period. Expecting to see more from you. :) Good luck.

Karuna said...


Firstly heariest Congratulations on all your achievements!! i am new blogger and i truly understand how it feels with people admiring and encouraging you. I think you are one of the most multi talented artist on my blog list and i enjoy seeing your updates. Its interesting to see some blog candy in india :). Thanks!!!:)

Wish you a great and crafty year ahead!


veena krishnakumar said...

Hi Kavitha

congratulations. you have come a long way indeed. I am a new blogger too and i understand how elated u feel to see people appreciating your work. you always come up with an innovative idea.
wish you all the best
keep blogging


Glitter Birdie said...

Hearty Congratulations Kavi,

I love your enthusiasm and the way you handle so many things at a time. Your undying spirit is the life force behind the beautiful blog.

Three cheers to you and keep rocking as always!!

Wishing you a great year ahead.


lucy said...

Congrats, keep it up, and Happy Crafting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kavitha..Have been an ardent lover of all your craft works..Although it has been six months of blogging..your dedication and creativity towards doing newer types of crafts and that too with perfection has earned so much followers and hits to your blog. I personally love all your craft works. One suggestion is why not change the blog template? May we see you with newer crafts in this New Year.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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