Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hi all,
from now onwards i am going to post my paper crafts also in this blog.As i find it difficult to update all my blogs often i decided to do so,and i feel bad if i don't.So from here on,you can view all the categories of my work in this blog itself.thanks for all your support:).

This is my next try in origami.I have totally used 300 pieces,30 a4 size sheets.
Took me some time to fold as the number of pieces is quite a lot,but arrangement is very easy.You can even do with 500 pieces,you will get a bigger size of this.Thanks to nithya who inspired me in origami:)

So here is the result,waiting for your comments:)

Happy crafting


Nithya said...

Wow.... thats a cute one. :) Personally its the favorite one of mine and yours looks awesome too.

I would suggest you to add few more pieces to the neck alone and bend it a little more so that the swan's neck looks elegant.

Kudos buddy and I happy to have inspired someone. And perhaps you are my inspiration for lot other art works too :)

kalalayaa-paintings said...

thank u nithi.will do that:)