Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Srigowri said...

hi kavi,

very nice mural.what is the base and how u did .plz share the method.

padala said...


dunno wot word shd i use to describe your work......itss absolutely stunning..cud u plez let us know how did u do the piece...did u do even the egyptian figures or did u rubber mould it

kalalayaa-paintings said...

thanks srigowri,
base is plywood and i used chalk powder for texture

kalalayaa-paintings said...

hi padala,
thank u so much.s i hav used rubber moulds

Deepa said...

Beautiful work!!I would love to personally learn from you.

kalalayaa-paintings said...

thank u deepa,ur welcome

Mitu said...

Nice work..
Where can we get these rubber moulds. I stay in Bangalore.


kalalayaa-paintings said...

hi mitu,
thanks.even i dont know,i got it from the person i learnt.she is a north indian.u get al these moulds in north side like pune.